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Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad
Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 085, Telangana, India
University Industry Interaction Centre
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"Knowledge is power, let it come from all the sources" - a wise saying that throws us into the deep world of introspection demanding to augment the existing levels of our knowledge,
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UIIC (University Industry Interaction Cell) is the enterprising initiative by JNTUH which is a devoted interface between Industry and the university. UIIC helps the Industry to hire the right talent, from its student community at the right time. UIIC will continuously be interacting with Industry for the students' internships, summer training programs and projects, besides breif faculty sabbaticals, faculty consultancy projects, and faculty sponsored projects, joint collaborations, etc. UIIC is adequately and actively supported by the rich resources of JNTUH as such it is the prestigious hub of communication between Industry and the University.
Strive to excel as the best interaction cell in the university system by promoting collaboration between university and industry for imparting quality education and employability skills.
Our mission is to act as a catalyst for promoting collaboration amongst academicians, scientists and industrialists to achieve competitiveness in developing the technical manpower for socio economic development under the present scenario of global competition and challenges.
The modes of engagement planned with Industries:
  • To provide a platform to create capacity building and patnership among the university and the academia to accelerate the innovation, technology up gradation, and research-based solutions for economic growth.

  • Skilled manpower (employable students and qualified faculty) creation and knowledge dissemination organize Workshops, Conferences, summer/winter schools, programs specific to a given industries, industry professional career development.

  • To establish and maintain a researchers and technology data bank with access to review industrial needs and technology gaps from time to time.

  • To develop a Personal Empowerment Park with a state of the art faciliity. It is an exemplar for the manner in which the physical environments nurture the learning with creativity and technology, which will efficiently eliminate boundaries.