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"Knowledge is power, let it come from all the sources" - a wise saying that throws us into the deep world of introspection demanding to augment the existing levels of our knowledge,
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Ideate, innovate, incubate and execute are the modern mantras behind the evolution of great products and services in the economic enviornment of business. The clarity, consciousness, communication and confirmation are the respective aromas of these modern mantras

JNTU-UIIC is facilitating such exploration of innovative ideas for a specific project to improve the stages of R&D/to resolve even generic problems in and around our precincts through unique platform called 'Idea Bank'.
Idia Bank
The objective of Idea bank is to encourage students to think
innovatively and post innovative and creative ideas for new products/processes

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I do here by declare that the idea and the details mentioned above by me are genuine and
I proclaim that they are my own.
I agree to the terms and conditions of the esteemed JNTUH to while validating the idea by JNTUH-UIIC.