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Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad
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"Knowledge is power, let it come from all the sources" - a wise saying that throws us into the deep world of introspection demanding to augment the existing levels of our knowledge,
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'Every creature is unique, distinctly talented and differently skilled'. These talents and skills of creatures during the course of time will have to confront several challenges. The lessons learnt from these challlenges, will give a wider scope for the creatures to transform their talents and skills into achivements-this is the fundamental phoilosophy behind the existence and the survival of species. This phenomena is a predominant factor behind the survival of the supeior most creature called 'Human Being'.
Open Innovation

JNTUH-UIIC would like to unleash the actual potential of its Faculty members in cracking down the live challenges from Industry, in the form of real-time problems/case studies/burning issues etc., through its 'Take Challenge' feature,

The unique and logical solutions suggested by the faculty to such problems/case-studies/issues etc., will be presented to the concerned industry by the JNTUH-UIIC, so that such solutions may be rewarded by the concerned industry/company in cash or kind.

This facility also helps the faculty to bring more liveliness into the class roos by the logical way of connecting the real-time problems/case studies/burning issues etc ., to the cencerned subjects that they handle during the academic curriculum.